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About Us

Earth Dharma Farm is operated by David McDaniel and Heather Selin. In early 2007, we quit our jobs to venture into sustainable, small-scale agriculture.

After a 7,000-mile snow-covered journey through eastern Canada and the US, we landed in Jackson, Waldo County, Maine. Our property is 181 acres of sloping, mostly-wooded land, of which we farm about 8 acres. We are approximately 20 miles northwest of the beautiful and vibrant coastal town of Belfast and 25 miles west of Bangor.

In 2007, Dave apprenticed at Teltane Farm in Monroe under the competent tutelage of Mark and Paula Fulford. He is currently in MOFGA's Journeyperson Program, runs the farm, and is building our home. Heather consults for international organizations on tobacco control policy, manages the farm website, and provides the farm with occasional immigrant labor (she's Canadian, and that should be spelled labour, thank you very much).

Our farm is operated on sustainable principles: We are USDA-certified organic (through the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association - MOFGA), off-grid, and aiming to be carbon-neutral. We produce wholesale vegetables, seed garlic, dried garlic, heirloom grain seed. We have planted 1208 grape vines and in 2015 we will have wine for sale.

Contact Us

David McDaniel & Heather Selin
Earth Dharma Farm
78 East Chase Road
Jackson ME 04921 USA

Tel: 207 722 3386